Production Fees FAQ

Why are these fees being charged?
The cost of JMBE publication is substantial and includes administration of the peer-review process, production of the published online version (including professional copyediting and layout into PDF and HTML formats), referencing in Directory of Open Access JournalsCrossRef, and PubMed Central, and more. These costs have been offset by ASM since JMBE’s inception over 15 years ago. This model is no longer sustainable and ASM is committed to maintaining JMBE as an open access journal, thus production fees are necessary to help offset production costs.

How much are the fees?

  • $1600/$1700 USD (ASM members/ASM non-members) for manuscripts published in the Research, Curriculum, and Perspectives sections
  • $800/$900 USD (member/non-member) for manuscripts published in Tips and Tools
  • Fees are currently NOT required for Letters to the Editor, Inside ASM, Editorials and Reviews sections.

When will the fee be charged?
Beginning January 1, 2018, fees will be charged for new manuscript submissions within the system, which can include previous manuscripts with “Resubmit for Review” rulings. Any manuscript within the JMBEsystem before January 1st (including those with “Revisions Required” rulings) will not be subject to author fees.  However, manuscripts that stay within the queue for 6 months or more without uploaded revisions may be subject to author fees.

The fee will only apply to articles that are accepted for publication. Upon acceptance, you will be asked to pay the fee through our online platform (coming in 2018). The fee must be paid prior to the Production Editor sending your article for copyediting.

Are there any exemptions from the fees?
Fee waivers will be considered for corresponding authors:

  • From a community college or minority serving institution
  • From an under-resourced country (World Bank defined low-income economies)
  • In a temporary position, such as a graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, or adjunct; or
  • Early in their career (within five years of completing their training)

We encourage authors to include publication fees in their research grant budget requests.

How do I request a fee waiver?
Once your manuscript is accepted, you will receive a link to an online form where you can request a fee waiver.

How do I pay the fee?
Upon acceptance for publication and prior to your article being sent for copyediting, you will be sent an invoice and instructions for paying the fee through our online platform (coming in 2018).

What time period do I have within which to make the payment?
If you have requested a fee waiver and the waiver is not granted, you will receive an invoice. Payment is due within 30 days of receiving your invoice. If the fee is not paid within 30 days, your manuscript may be archived.

How will you ensure that the request for a fee waiver will have no influence on whether a manuscript is accepted for publication?
Acceptance of ones’ manuscript is dependent upon editorial and peer review only. The fee is only applicable if an article is accepted for publication. Once a manuscript is accepted, a waiver may be requested if the corresponding author belongs to one or more of the populations named above.