Editorial Board

Editor in Chief

  1. Dr. Samantha Elliott, University of Maryland at College Park, United States

Research Senior Editors

  1. Dr. Loretta Brancaccio-Taras, Kingsborough Community College, United States
  2. Dr. Marcy A. Peteroy-Kelly, Pace University, United States

Research Editors-in-Training

  1. Dr Samantha Parks, Georgia State University, United States
  2. Dr. Andrea M. Rediske, Valencia College, East Campus, United States
  3. Lisa K. Elfring, The University of Arizona, United States
  4. Holly Ahern, State University of New York (SUNY) Adirondack, United States
  5. Tatiana Ascencio, Universidad "Dr. José Matías Delgado", El Salvador
  6. Dr. Min-Ken Liao, Furman University, United States
  7. Dr. Naomi L Wernick, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Perspectives Senior Editor

  1. Dr. Karen Klyczek, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, United States

Perspectives Editors

  1. Dr Pamela Ann Marshall, Arizona State University, United States

Perspectives Editors-in-Training

  1. Kelly Carrillo Burke, College of the Canyons, United States
  2. Dr. Lourdes Norman-McKay, Florida State College Jacksonville, United States

Curriculum Senior Editor

  1. Dr. Mary Elizabeth Allen, Hartwick College, United States

Curriculum Editors

  1. Dr. Kathryn M Burleson, Hamline University, United States
  2. Betsy M. Martinez- Vaz, Hamline University, United States

Curriculum Editors-in-Training

  1. Veronica A Segarra, High Point University, United States
  2. Dr Carlos Christopher Goller, North Carolina State University Biotechnology Program, United States
  3. Dr. Massimiliano Marvasi, Middlesex University, United Kingdom
  4. Dr. Laura E Ott, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, United States
  5. Dr. Shivanthi Anandan, Drexel University, United States

Tips and Tools Senior Editor

  1. Dr. Heather Seitz, Johnson County Community College, United States

Tips and Tools Editors

  1. Dr. Jeffrey T. Olimpo, The University of Texas at El Paso, United States

Tips and Tools Editors-in-Training

  1. Bryan M Dewsbury, University of Rhode Island, United States
  2. A/P Foong May Yeong, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Reviews Senior Editor

  1. Dr. Phil Mixter, Washington State University, United States

Laboratory Safety Senior Editor

  1. Dr Jeffrey Byrd, St. Mary's College of Maryland, United States

Laboratory Safety Review Committee

  1. Hannah Marie Read, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  2. Dr. Elizabeth A. B. Emmert, Salisbury University, United States
  3. Dr. Robert A Maxwell, Georgia State University, United States
  4. Amy Stinnett White, Virginia Western Community College, United States

Theme Issue Senior Editor

  1. Miriam Segura-Totten, University of North Georgia, United States

Reviewers (Current Issue)

  1. Dr Chris Burke, University of Tasmania, Australia
  2. Theodore Muth, CUNY Brooklyn College
  3. Dr. Jennifer Lynn Hess, Aquinas College, United States
  4. Dr Manuel Sanchez, Universidad Miguel Hernández, Spain
  5. Dr. Loren B Byrne, Roger Williams University, United States
  6. Dr. Mary Theresa Ortiz, Kingsborough Community College Department of Biological Sciences 2001 Oriental Blvd. Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States
  7. Dr. Matthew Robert Marcello, Pace University, United States
  8. Dr. Sergei Kuchin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, United States
  9. Dr Brinda Govindan, San Francisco State University, United States
  10. Dr. Lauren A. O'Donnell, Duquesne University, United States
  11. Dr. Sumali Pandey, Minnesota State University, Moorhead, United States
  12. Dr Nadia Sellami, UCLA, United States
  13. Dr. Sarah Sidiropoulos, Oakland Community College
  14. A/P Foong May Yeong, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  15. Manuela Tripepi, Arcadia University, United States
  16. Associate Professor Susan Rowland, The University of Queensland, Australia
  17. Dr. Julie A. Reynolds, Duke University, United States
  18. Jia Shi, University of Colorado, Boulder, United States
  19. Dr. Tony A Slieman, New York Institute of Technology, United States
  20. Dr. Erin E Shortlidge, Portland State University, United States
  21. Dr. Andrea Nicholas, University of California-Irvine, United States
  22. Dr Jerry H Kavouras, Lewis University, United States
  23. Dr. Diann Jordan, Alabama State University, United States
  24. Dr. Nastassia N Jones, Southern University and Agriculture & Mechanical College, United States
  25. Dr. Narveen Jandu, Gannon University, United States
  26. Dr Tracy Marie Hodgson, Northwestern University, United States
  27. Dr. Diane Hartman, Baylor University, United States
  28. Dr. Marcia Harrison, Marshall University, United States
  29. Professor Lucy Kluckhohn Jones, Santa Monica College, United States
  30. Melissa Robin McCartney, Florida International University, United States
  31. Dr. Lynnsay A Marsan, East Carolina University, United States
  32. Dr. Laura MacDonald, UAMS, United States
  33. Feng Li, East Carolina University, United States
  34. Dr. Shivanthi Anandan, Drexel University, United States
  35. Dr. Justin Bradshaw, North Carolina State University, United States
  36. Sonia Bardy, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  37. Dr. Simran Banga, Western Kentucky University, United States
  38. Dr. Heather E Bergan-Roller, Northern Illinois University, United States
  39. Dr. Angela Nickie Cauthen, LaGrange College, United States
  40. Cori Fata-Hartley, Michigan State University, United States
  41. Dr. António Pedro Fonseca, ESAG and University of Porto, Portugal
  42. Dr. Jackie Washington, Nyack College, United States
  43. Dr. Claudette P. Davis, LaGuardia Community College, United States
  44. Dr. Devasmita Chakraverty, Washington State University Health Science STEM Education Research Center, United States
  45. Dr. Elizabeth A. B. Emmert, Salisbury University, United States
  46. Professor Michele Ann Eodice, University of Oklahoma, United States
  47. Dr Lisa Z Scheifele, Loyola University Maryland, United States
  48. Dr. Diana Sue Katz Amburn, Rogers State University, United States
  49. Dr. Brooke A Jude, Bard College, United States
  50. Dr. Robert A Maxwell, Georgia State University, United States
  51. Dr. Michael J Wolyniak, Hampden-Sydney College, United States

Chairman, ASM Education Board

  1. Mary Sanchez Lanier, Washington State University, United States

Director, ASM Education Department

  1. Amy Chang, American Society for Microbiology

Production Editor

  1. Bethany Adamec, American Society for Microbiology